Bedazzle the Checkout Operative With a Contactless Payment Ring

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Kerv contactless payment ring, a former star of Kickstarter, is now on sale in the UK. And for only twice the original anticipated price, too.

The £99 Kerv promises to let people with top-uppable MasterCard contactless cards ditch the wallet and smartphone (as if) and pay with a tap of the hand, turning the mundane act of buying cheese and milk into an exciting, wave-of-the-hand, jedi mind trick type of event, sure to amaze anyone bored enough to be watching you shopping.

Somehow the device never needs charging, so that's good and also makes it feel a bit like having a magic finger, plus it's an independent thing that doesn't need to be paired with a phone or other device. So it should, if you are lucky, just work. The woman in the Co-op will think you're a god or a robot. It's also waterproof like other dumb rings, so can be used to buy things underwater, like when you need to acquire some pretty shells from a giant squid and your wallet is obviously back on the beach.

Plus the zirconia ceramic shell is said to be scratchproof, should the squid encounter turn nasty. [Kerv via Techradar]

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