Electric MotoGP Races are Coming by 2019

By Gary Cutlack on at

The organiser of the MotoGP bike racing series is about to embrace the electric movement, revealing a plan to introduce a standalone electric bike event to run alongside the petrol MotoGP tournaments from the 2019 season.

It won't be a full series to start with, as the current plan announced by MotoGP operator Dorna is to add five all-electric events to the sport's calendar, with races lasting just ten laps [joke about battery capacity here] and host tracks expected to provide green sources of power. The grid will be made up of 18 bikes, allowing 14 MotoGP riders and four Moto2 riders to take part in the pre-main event fun, with just one unnamed manufacturer providing all the machinery. Which will either make it more fair or more boring, depending on where you sit on the idea of the man with the best kit tending to win such things all the time.

Electric bike racing is already a thing, as leathery men will know. The Isle of Man TT event hosts an electric special at its once a year meet, with the TT Zero asking riders to do a lap of the island since 2010. [Car and Bike]

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