Jaguar's Electric Car is Being Tested on UK Roads

By Gary Cutlack on at

Jaguar’s first electric vehicle is being tested on London's roads, as the carmaker prepares to launch its first all-electric car around the world in 2018.

The I-PACE is described as being a concept model at the moment, but Jaguar's committed to revealing the final version of its miniature SUV later this year, with a full launch planned for next year. So it must be pretty much finished, bar the odd cosmetic tweak.

It's quite an exciting model as far as tech specs go too, as Jaguar says it'll come with a 90KWh battery, which is three times the capacity offered by current EV leader the Nissan Leaf and well up there in Tesla territory. This gives the I-PACE a theoretical/laboratory maximum range of 310 miles, although on a cold UK morning the gauge is likely to be  showing a much lower number than that. And charging it from a mains adaptor stretched out of your kitchen window won't make a dent, with it needing 90 minutes of 50kW rapid charging to get to 80 per cent, so any benefit gained from its four-second 0-60 time will be more than undone by having to spend an hour and a half in a service station. [Jaguar]

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