London Cab App Hailo Rebrands To Mytaxi, Europe's Biggest Taxi App

By Holly Brockwell on at

The battle of the cab apps continues today as London's also-ran Hailo rebrands to Mytaxi. While it's not well known here, Mytaxi claims to be the world's first taxi app and is the biggest in Europe. It merged with Hailo back in July '16, but the rebrand is only happening now.

Mytaxi and Hailo are essentially Uber for black cabs: rather than a minicab driver in their own car, you hail a proper licensed black cab. This means the driver will actually know where they're going, but they'll also charge you a fair bit more for the privilege. According to our purely anecdotal research, chances of getting a driver with offensive views is about equal across both.

Existing Hailo users can easily transition to the new system through the iOS or Android app, using their existing login and payment details. You get some new features as a reward: the ability to save a favourite driver so you're more likely to get that person in future, plus Uber-style journey and ETA sharing.

Will it be enough to tempt people away from Uber's low fares and market dominance? Given the perfect timing with the #DeleteUber backlash, it just might.