Nestlé Is About To Ruin The Kit Kat

By Holly Brockwell on at

Small changes to childhood favourites can make a huge change to how they taste – we all remember #CremeEggGate – so a lot of people are going to be upset by the news that Nestlé's cutting sugar in Kit Kats and other beloved bars by 10%.

The change will happen by next year, and will apparently save 7,500 tonnes of sugar. That sugar will be replaced "with higher quantities of existing ingredients or other, non artificial ingredients and ensuring products are below a certain amount of calories." Sounds tasty.

Nestlé's UK CEO Fiona Kendrick comments in a statement called 'Stepping Up To The Sugar Challenge':

Our confectionery brands have been enjoyed in the UK for more than a century and we know that if we can improve these products nutritionally, provide more choice and information for the consumer... we can have a significant impact on public health.

Nestle is at the forefront of efforts to research and develop new technology that makes food products better for our consumers.

These innovations will help us to reduce sugar in confectionery when they are combined with other, more common methods like reformulating recipes and swapping sugar for other, non-artificial ingredients.

Making these improvements to our products is key to us delivering better choices for our consumers while retaining the same great taste that they know and love."

It's all very noble and nice making changes for the sake of health, but surely anyone eating a Kit Kat knows it's not a piece of celery. Does it not make more sense to educate people about balanced diets, then let them make their own choices? Changes like this can backfire, like the way making crisp packets smaller leads to people eating two instead of one. Allegedly. Ahem.

Nestlé reckons the reformulation, which will also include Yorkie, Aero and others, won't affect anything. Anyone who's had a favourite treat altered by Big Chocolate – or ruined by Brexit, or removed by the Sugar Tax – will tell you that's probably BS.

Here's a cheerful retro-style video about the change in which they assert, again, that it'll totally taste the same or even better! Mm-hmm.

We'll be the judge of that. [BBC]