Readymix Angel Delight Goes on Sale Because No One Reads Instructions Now

By Gary Cutlack on at

The maker of edible chemical foam substance Angel Delight has decided that mixing one thing with the right amount of another thing is way too much like work for members of today's convenience culture society, so has prepared a readymix version of the retro pudding that comes pre-made in a pot. You still need to peel the lid off and find a spoon, though, so it's still not quite as convenient as being fed paste through a tube by a robot.

The launch fever surrounding the newly revealed prefab Angel Delight will be enhanced by a revamped version of the powdered pudding too, with a report in food trade publication the Grocer saying that manufacturer Premier Foods will be launching a butterscotch version of the mixture in May alongside the potted product, for those who can read instructions and don't mind waiting the required five minutes for it to properly congeal into something resembling a foodstuff after preparation.

A chocolate and banana version of the powdered sachet will go on sale at the same time, as well as a push to try to reimagine it as a real food by emphasising the natural ingredients on the packaging and glossing over the inclusion of palm oil. [Mirror]

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