Rogue Smart Meters Give Customers 3,000,000 Per Cent Bill Increases

By Gary Cutlack on at

People putting the heating on even though it's spring had a nasty shock over the weekend, after a group of smart energy meters issued by supplier SSE went mad -- and gave subscribers gas bills in the tens of thousands of pounds.

Obviously there was some sort of mixup, as even turning up the thermostat to way beyond its usual negotiated level wouldn't end up with a bill of £26,528 for just one day of gas consumption. There are plenty of such cases being tweeted at SSE's poor social media account operative today, including this weekly bill for an amazing £124,000, loads of people being charged around £25k and general baskets of bafflement and rage being directed at the power company and cc'd to regulator Ofgem for good measure.

The pasted response to everyone with a rogue meter has been that actual bills won't be affected by the algos getting their sums wrong, so try not to worry too much about bailiffs and don't let it put you off the idea of smart gadgets in general. [Sky]

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