Sony Patent Suggests The Future Is People Siphoning Off Your Phone Battery

By Holly Brockwell on at

A recent patent filing from Sony suggests they're looking into ways for phones to charge wirelessly off each other.

In theory, this is a great idea: your phone's about to die, your better-prepared friend is on 75%, you hold your phones together and the charge evens out between the two, like some kind of beautiful battery-based communism.

Realistically, however, we think this will result in people sneakily placing their phone on top of yours when you're not looking, trying to steal a bit of your hard-earned charge for themselves.

Instead of being approached at bus stops by staggering drunks asking for "'alf a quid," we'll soon be harangued by pleading-eyed scamsters claiming they're "stranded and their phone's about to die" and "could they just borrow enough charge to call a friend," so you take pity and let them leech a bit of power, at which point they pocket your phone and leg it.

Cynical, us? You're damn right. [Ubergizmo]