'The Brexit Plan' Is A Blank Notebook For Your Favourite Remainer

By Holly Brockwell on at

At Google, you're famously encouraged to spend some of your time on side projects – and former hardware employee Zee Tan seems to have continued that tradition after leaving the company.

A "brain fart" on a quiet Friday afternoon resulted in The Brexit Plan, a paperback listed for sale on Amazon at £6.99. But before you all send a copy to Theresa May, we're sorry to tell you there's still no plan. The pages are blank. It's a notebook.

Zee says he wasn't aware of the bestselling 'Reasons To Vote For Democrats' blank book in the US when he came up with the idea, but finding out it was a bestseller prompted him to actually go ahead and make it.

Unsurprisingly, Tan – who has cofounded and sold Codlo since leaving Google – is a Remainer, but "that doesn't matter now," he says. "Now that the milk has been properly spilt, I'm a fan of whoever has a actual, real plan to make sure we don't properly muck it up."

The book came about through frustration with the total lack of foresight on behalf of the government and the Leave team.

"The part that really drives me up the wall about the referendum is that the entire process was a pure political gamble.

No one went into it with a practical mind, because if we approached it practically there would be a plan for either outcome. Even the more hardcore Brexiter had no plans. I find that depressing: surely the way you oppose status quo is to at least offer what you think is a reasonable alternative plan."

Or at least a funky notebook.

The Amazon description states:

"This book is a joke book, has no official affiliation with the Government or Brexit, and is completely blank inside." Just like the Prime Minister.