The Week's Top Android, iOS, and Windows Apps

By Tom Pritchard on at

I don't enjoy it when someone has to be in my flat to get a job done, whether it's something as simple as delivering furniture or more complicated like fixing the light sealed away inside my bathroom's ceiling. It's a little bit awkward isn't it? Especially at the times near the end when you just end up standing waiting for them to sort out paperwork or something along those lines. I can never help but wonder whether the person (or people) in question feel that atmosphere as well. Probably, but they're probably more than used to it.

Anyway back to the matter at hand. Let's take a look at this week's list of apps.

Fenice for Twitter (Update)

£1.39: Windows

If you can't be doing with Twitter on the web, or Tweetdeck, you may be in the market for a new client to manage all your random online thoughts. Fenice has just had a big update, bringing with it a brand new user interface, the ability to use multiple Twitter accounts at once, GIF support, live timeline updates, integration Instapaper and Pocket, muting options, live tile support, and the option to drag and drop images from Windows Explorer into your tweets. Basically everything any half-decent Twitter client should have, barring the bare essentials.


Free: Windows

If you can't be dealing with Flickr's website either, Fliky has some third party support to help you out. It offers you the ability to browse Flikr libraries, manage your own account and photos, upload new photos onto Flikr, and automatically backup everything with 1TB of storage available for you to use.

Keep or Delete

Free: iOS

We've all said a lot of stuff on social media that we're a little bit embarrassed about as time goes by, but going through everything is awkward and time consuming. Keep or Delete takes your Twitter history, and puts it together in a Tinder-style swiping interface. Just swipe right on what you want to keep, and left on what you want to ditch. If you tweet a lot it'll still take some time, but it's far easier than doing it all manually.

Moneybox - Save and Invest (Update)

Free: Android | iOS

A handy little app that rounds off all the card purchases you make, and as those pennies accumulate you can invest them in any number of big companies to try and earn some extra cash. The latest version is a big one, coming with a history of all the payments you've made, a forecast of how much it looks like you'll be earning in the future based on different weekly contributions, and improvements to the charts that showcase the performance and summaries of all your investments.

Nintendo Switch Parental Controls

Free: Android | iOS

The Switch is finally here, and this latest console comes with its very own app for parents to keep tabs on their kids gaming habits. It lets parents monitor the amount of time they spend gaming, shows you which games they've been playing, and, perhaps most importantly, the option to restrict certain console features to make sure your kids aren't playing or doing anything unsuitable for someone their age.


Free: Android

This one is designed to bring solid buttons to your device's navigation bar - much like the buttons that are currently a Pixel exclusive. It's for non-rooted phones running Lollipop or above, but only if they have a digital navigation bar already. If you have something like a Samsung, which doesn't, it's not going to make a navigation bar magically appear. It's a basic little app, but if you want your phone to be more like Google's own offering, this is a must have.


Free (with in-app purchases): iOS

If you don't have a new MacBook, you don't get to enjoy all the things that TouchBar has to offer. Quadro markets itself an an external TouchBar for Windows and Mac devices, letting you create customisable touch icons that control various aspects of your desktop. Whether it's launching applications, automating various aspects of your work, controlling your applications, and so on. It connects via Wi-Fi or USB, and while there are a couple of bits that require you to cough up a bit of cash, the opportunities seem, quite simply, endless.

Racelink: Virtual Racing

Free: Android | iOS

This one is for the runners out there, another in a long line of apps designed to make things more interesting and make you feel as though you're working towards something. It's from the same people who made Zombies, Run! and is designed to make you feel as though you're actually running in a race - but at a time and location of your own choosing. it also comes with more immersive challenges, like running the length of the solar system, which sounds like it would take a lifetime to accomplish though in reality it's only 10K.

Sorted - Quickly Organise Your Day (Update)

£1.99: iOS

A to-do app that ditches the deadline-less list, and actually schedules everything to make sure you actually get it done. The latest update comes with a bunch of helpful new features, including the option to add to your schedule using Siri, an Apple Watch App, 3D Touch support, the option to link it into automation services, a 'save later option', sharing support, and more. If you struggle keeping tabs on your workload, this is well worth a try.