Flying Scotsman Forced to Run in Secret

By Gary Cutlack on at

Old men and their midlife crisis £1,400 cameras have forced the operator of the Flying Scotsman to start keeping the legacy steam train's timetables secret, over worries about the safety of rail enthusiasts encroaching the line to get a better view and Instagram shot.

Operator Steam Dreams says it's been told by rail authorities to stop publishing timetables, after the train's latest run -- through the West Country last week -- was delayed by nearly an hour thanks to rail and steam nuts standing too close to the tracks in order to get a better look at and smell of the engine.

The Scotsman is set to make a return trip through the West on Tuesday, but its timetable won't be put on the company's web site to make it a bit harder for amateur rail paparazzi to track it down and set up shop on the sidings.

Steam Dreams boss Marcus Robertson explained: "Last year we did have a few problems with trespass but [this time] there were people with children near the line -- and these are 125mph railways. We've heard from Network Rail and the British Transport Police, and on our runs next week -- in the same areas -- there will be far more police activity." [BBC]

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