New Humble Bundle Nabs Some of the Best Nebula Award Winners for Hours of Sci-fi Obsession

By Beth Elderkin on at

Humble Bundle has just made friends with anyone looking for a stash of amazing and award-winning sci-fi and fantasy to add to their collection. The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America bundle is an impressive collection of Nebula winners and nominated authors that’s basically an automatic summer reading list.

The Super Nebula Author Showcase, presented by SFWA, has over £320 worth of speculative fiction from authors who’ve been highlighted by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. They include George R.R. Martin, Neil Gaiman, Octavia Butler, and Isaac Asimov, among dozens of others. There’s even an official SFWA cookbook, which includes both food recipes and cocktails.

Donation tiers start at $1 (around 80p) and go toward $20 (£16) or more. Proceeds from the latest Humble Bundle go toward SFWA’s Givers Fund, which combines with other charitable donations to give grants for genre-related groups or individuals. This year’s Nebula Awards will be presented at the SFWA conference in Pittsburg between May 18 and 21. You can check out the bundle here. [Humble Bundle]