Amazon Will Deliver Avocadoes to More of the Rich Bit of the Country

By Gary Cutlack on at

Amazon's expanded the boundaries of its Amazon Fresh delivery service, but if you live in Scotland or Wales or Cornwall you can still forget about it. You are worthless and don't matter because you can't get to London in under an hour.

The good news covers  people living in 42 Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire post codes, who now find themselves able to order their boring weekly fresh food shopping though the retailer's supermarket-like selection, as long as they also subscribe to the shopping giant's Prime service.

This means 302 postcodes across London and the South East bit of the country are now covered by the Amazon Fresh fleet, with Amazon saying it currently stocks 50,000 more products than it did when the service first launched to an even smaller part of the UK this time last year.

There's a complete list of post codes it works in here, which we tried copying and pasting in but the formatting was a mess and, you know, a list of post codes isn't compelling reading when you know your post code isn't even going to be in it to cheer for.  [Amazon]

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