British Public Impressed By Tea Bags, Internet And Lightbulbs

By Ian Morris on at

In a survey conducted by English Heritage, the British people proved they are gigantic walking stereotype by claiming to be most impressed by tea bags. UK residents are also, as it turns out, impressed by sewers and keen on penicillin, which makes sense given how important it has been in keeping us aliveĀ in times when tea has failed.

And that's not to denigrate the importance of tea and the bags within which it is contained. Let's be honest, Britain's proud history would probably never have happened if we couldn't sit down and have a nice cup of tea before starting work on inventing things. We invented sarcasm just to get back at the Americans for that unpleasant Boston incident. The unfortunate subtlety here its that it was one of those very yanks who invented the teabag.

Britons also expressed a fondness for the wheel - this is probably because wheels remind them of tea bags, or something. And also the internet because of its ready supply of teabags from Amazon Prime.

If you'd like to select your favourite then you can visit the English Heritage website to vote, thus playing into their hands and validating the value of these surveys as a way to get free publicity.

Tea. NOW. [via: Evening Standard]

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