Funny Cat Happenings First Recorded by Romans

By Gary Cutlack on at

Cats haven't just started doing interesting stuff since you bought one for something to tweet about, you know. They've been doing it since at least Roman times, with an archaeological dig discovering one of the world's first ever pieces of amusing and potentially viral social content generated by a cat doing something quirky.

People digging up Lincolnshire so the locals can have a better road made the find, which shows a cat paw print embedded into the face of a clay tile. The Roman settlements in the area date back around 1,900 years, so that means cats evolved to do silly things at least that long ago -- and perhaps sooner.

This find of proof of a cat doing something interesting with hilarious consequences could completely alter the current known timelines of when animals first started doing interesting things. Scientists currently think animals first started being interesting in the 1960s, when dogs were trained to consent to have sunglasses and hats put on them for photo opportunities with children, as prior to this animals were considered scary and were kept caged.

The finding of the funny cat paw imprint tears up this established thinking and puts the emergence of people being only interested in the boring, funny to only them things their animals do much further back in history. [BBC]

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