Google Photos Assistant Tab Makes It Easier Than Ever To Sort Through Your Rubbish Photos

By Dave Meikleham on at

Google Photos' handy new Archive feature is currently in the process of rolling out to its users. For those of us with hundreds upon hundreds of probably rubbish (if sentimental) shots we can't quite find the courage to delete, the new feature at least helps us sort through the snap-happy detritus, and push shots out of the main Photos display to make our digital polaroid collections a tad more organised.

Image: Google

There's also a semi hidden option in the Archive update that makes it even easier to whip your reams of snaps into shape. As Engadget reports, there's an Assistant tab that uses it learning skills to help suggest which photos can be safely archived based on your past shot-shuffling activities. Regardless of whether you're using iOS, the desktop app or Android, the Assistant tab should now appear in your version of Google Photos.

Now, exactly how many of the 743 shots of my year-old labrador pup currently clogging up my hard-drive should I shuffle into a side folder? I'm pretty sure I need easy access to at least 742 of 'em.