Scotland Nearly Hits Renewable Power Independence

By Gary Cutlack on at

The turbines dotting the hills of Scotland had a cracking month in May, with the modern white totems to consumerism and their solar panel chums generating 95 per cent of the country's home electrical needs.

That's according to environmental group WWF Scotland, which analysed power generation levels for the month. It found that the wind turbines provided 863,495 MWh of power to the grid during May, with peak output on the windiest and sunniest of days providing 99 per cent of the power needed by homes across the country entirely from renewable sources. Including business use, wind alone generated 46 per cent of the month's needs.

Dr Sam Gardner of WWF Scotland said: "On one day in particular, 15 May, output from turbines generated enough electricity to power 190% of homes or 99% of Scotland's total electricity demand. Month after month, renewables play a vital role in cutting carbon emissions and powering the Scottish economy."

Scotland could've run itself entirely through renewables powered by wind on 11 out of the 31 days in May. [BBC]

Image credit: Wikipedia

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