Virgin Trains are Facing Delays Because a Trampoline Was on the Track

By Tom Pritchard on at

There are a lot of ridiculous-sounding reasons why trains get delayed or cancelled. We've all heard of the "leaves on the track" line, or that the tracks are too hot, too wet, or the train in front flushed a particularly large poo onto the tracks and your driver needs to wait for someone from National Rail to clean it up.

Alright I obviously made that last one up, but it's only slightly more ridiculous than a blockage that occurred between Milton Keynes and Watford earlier this afternoon. Those lines got blocked by an actual literal trampoline.

It's not clear what kind of trampoline it was (hopefully not the pathetically small thing I had as a child), but at least Virgin Trains' social media manager is getting a few laughs out of it.

I wouldn't have been surprised if someone had a bounce by the side of the track, but then I remembered that there are a lot of trains that empty their toilets on them. So, erm, probably best to give the fun a miss this time.

The real question now is whether anyone has heard any better excuses. Plenty of you will have had to suffer through train delays, but do any excuses beat a literal trampoline on the track?