You Can Now Design Your Own Xbox One Controller

By Ian Morris on at

Microsoft has allowed US gamers to design their own colour scheme for Xbox One controllers for some time now. The good news is that the UK, along with France, Germany and others to be added in the summer, will also get this option soon. The downer is that it's not especially cheap with the price adding a significant premium. So rather than focus first on the billion or so options, let's get cross about the price.

The standard Xbox One controller is £40 on Amazon. The starting point for the custom design is £70. Add in some options like metallic paint on some parts, along with rubberised grips and you can get it up to £80. This is for a single, standard controller. Is no one else cross about this, or is this just okay now and absolutely a thing we do?

Clearly, there's some cost in assembling custom components. But these aren't entirely custom. It's a pre-defined set of colours which are almost certainly produced in massive quantities and the new and exciting colours will surely add little to the practical cost. Obviously, there's a chance we're missing some factors here, but it does seem like a very good way to make a lot of money for doing very little.

Anyway, if you absolutely must price-gouge yourself, just head over to Amazon and pick up the Elite controller for £118. That thing looks as cool as a penguin's nuts for one thing, and it might also help you improve your gaming. Unlike this pink, yellow and red monstrosity we put together as a test.

On the plus side as an introductory offer for free laser engraving. I did try to get Poop and Poophead but both of those is far too obscene for Microsoft's sensibilities. You can have "now I'm poor" though, which seems like a much more realistic thing to have engraved and a reminder of what a dumb schmuck you are. Dumb Schmuck is not, however, a valid engraving - so put that idea out of your head. [via TechRadar]

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