London is One of the Most Expensive Places to Get an Uber

By Tom Pritchard on at

In news that should be no surprise to anyone, it turns out that London is one of the world's most expensive cities to catch an Uber. 10th most expensive actually, and eight priciest in Europe.

Aaaand we shouldn't be shocked at all, because everything is expensive in London. Especially taxis.

This nugget of information was uncovered by Company RaceChip, which sells products designed to enhance car performance. They took 3km Uber journeys in 37 cities across the world including London, New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, and Sydney. A number of cities, including LA, Rio de Janeiro, and Torono were quite competitively priced, with the cost of the drive only two to three times more than local public transport.

The most expensive place overall, however, was Helsinki, were it cost £13.92 for the journey. Dublin was close behind with £13.43, followed by Amsterdam (£13.16), Tokyo 12.32, Stockholm (£12.12), Rome (£11.50), Vienna (£11.95), Seoul (£9.41), and Zurich (£9.29). The price in London was £7.82.

On the cheap side, a 3km journey in Cairo cost 63 pence, while the same journey in Kuala Lumpar was £1.03.

So it was quite a bit less than London, but honestly it doesn't matter too much. As anyone who has lived in (or even visited) London will confirm, cost of living is quite high - and transport is no exception. London's Uber pricing might be higher than some, but it all comes down to that. The drivers need to earn their money to live in London in order to keep driving there, so the prices reflect that. Plus, an Uber is still cheaper than a black cab.

So yeah, Ubers are pricey in London, but so is everything else. Looking at things relatively, it's probably not that bad. How Uber operates, on the other hand, well... [Standard]

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