McLaren's Senna is a £750k Brutalist Orange Mess

By Gary Cutlack on at

Many suffering video game developers are going to have nightmares sticking this new beast from Mclaren into the racing games of the future, as it has more open vents and ridged valleys and inlets than a partially constructed Death Star. They'll have to make a new Xbox to render it all.

It's the McLaren Senna, the company's latest road-legal hypercar, which can't be yours for £750,000 as it's somehow already sold out despite only just being announced. McLaren obviously has a pre-order mailing list for the hyper rich, and they all said "shit yes please" in reply.

The back of it is literally ludicrous, like something a 13-year-old would doodle on the inside back cover of a maths book then masturbate over because of being able to see all the open holes:

What's meant to be the exhaust pipe? Where would the number plate go? Won't the rain get in through those holes? What about putting on a tow bar? And how do you open any of it? It doesn't really matter as none of us will ever see a Senna as they're only making 500 of them, and they'll all be going straight into storage to be resold. [Autoblog]

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