Branson Orders Staff to Resume Selling the Daily Mail on Virgin Trains

By Gary Cutlack on at

Richard Branson has waded in to the debate about selling the Daily Mail or not across his Virgin Trains network, and has asked staff to put the newspaper back on sale while they conduct a full review of their sales practises.

Branson's beard seems to have been prickled by those accusing the network of censorship over its decision to stop racking the Mail, with the custodian of the Virgin brand saying: "Freedom of speech, freedom of choice and tolerance for differing views are the core principles of any free and open society. While Virgin Trains has always said that their passengers are free to read whatever newspaper they choose on board West Coast trains, it is clear that on this occasion the decision to no longer sell The Mail has not been seen to live up to these principles."

Also warning about the danger of being seen "moralising" on the decisions and opinions of others he's now told his train people to stop having opinions, so commuters can once again get as angry as they like about foreign people or as aroused as they like about the daughters of celebrities on their travels. [Virgin]

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