Children's Magnetic Putty Removed From Amazon For Dangerously High Arsenic Levels

By Kim Snaith on at

Arsenic isn't something that you should have to worry about being included in children's toys in any amount, really. But a magnetic putty that was listed on Amazon from a third party was found to contain seven times the legal amount of the poisonous chemical.

The product was first brought to light earlier in the week when Northamptonshire Trading Standards had to remove the item from sale from a local market. The toy includes a bag of putty, some 'googly eyes' and a small magnet.

The magnet's force, according to Northamptonshire Trading Standards, is 29 times over the allowed limit, and the size of it means it could easily be swallowed by younger children — the putty itself simply says "not suitable for 0-3" on the box.

Following Northamptonshire Trading Standard's investigation, the item has also been removed from Amazon and is no longer available for purchase. It's not known how many units of the putty have been sold prior to its removal. [BBC]

Featured image: Northamptonshire Trading Standards