Cornish Leopard Recaptured After Week-Long Sheep-Eating Holiday

By Gary Cutlack on at

There's a man in Cornwall in possession of a licence to keep a leopard as a pet, and he does indeed have a leopard as a pet in Great Treverran, not far from Fowey. That's interesting enough a thing to write about on a Monday after another weekend of nothing but Trump news, but there's more. This man's in trouble because his leopard escaped for a week and is accused of eating a few local sheep.

The chap's pet clouded leopard broke free after bad weather damaged its compound, with neighbours telling local news sources that the animal escaped on Boxing Day and allegedly spent at least a week chomping sheep on a similar meat-based festive binge to that enjoyed by us humans.

The animal has since been recaptured after a farmer caught it in a fox trap. Cornwall Council is now facing calls for the man's magical leopard licence to be revoked, and has launched an investigation. A council spokesperson said: "A full audit of the premises and licence has been undertaken and the circumstances surrounding the escape fully investigated." [Telegraph]

Image credit: Wikipedia

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