National Railway Museum Branches Out into Space Equipment and VR

By Gary Cutlack on at

The National Railway Museum has just upped its awesomeness score to 11/10, as a new exhibit has joined the venue's original bullet train and inspiring range of steam machines -- Tim Peake's Soyuz module.

As well as this other bit of historically significant battered metal for dad to look at, there's something for the kids to do when they get bored of staring disinterestedly at the Mallard and looking around the shop. VR experience Space Descent VR running on Samsung's Gear VR system has been installed, and seeing as this is the first day of the Peake-themed part of the exhibit at the NRA, it'll be clean and still working.

The Soyuz TMA-19M descent module that carried Peake back to earth in 2016 is open for your looking at today, and it's free to get into the National Railway Museum so you have no excuse not to if you're anywhere within vague getting-to distance of York. The VR thing is an extra £6 so maybe don't bother with that, but do make sure you listen to the nice man give his politicised presentation about the Shinkansen and the UK's lack of similar investment in rail infrastructure. [National Railway Museum]

Image credit: Twitter

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