MP Launches Personal App And Becomes Self-Facilitating Media Node [Updated]

By Tom Pritchard on at

In case you hadn't noticed finding different ways to communicate with one another is all the rage, and now members of Parliament have decided to give it ago. Well one of them has, anyway.

Matt Hancock, Culture Secretary and MP for West Suffolk, has launched his own app, which is designed to help people engage with him on the issues and see what's going on in his life. It sounds a bit like a social network centred around one guy, which sort of makes Matt Hancock the new Tom from MySpace - just without the obnoxious autoplaying profile music.

Inside the app, it's all things Matt Hancock, with sections dedicated to relevant national news, constituency news, a live stream, and libraries of Matt Hancock images, his speeches, articles about him, and what campaigns he's been involved with. But this being an app for the people, and presumably paid for with public money, there's a section dedicated to letting people have their say. Naturally since news of this app broke, it's devolved into a section filled with people doing their best shitposting.

Presumably there will be some moderator jobs opening up very soon.

Plus being a social network you can add your own friends and manage your own personal network. Unlike Tom from MySpace, however, Matt Hancock is not automatically friends with everyone. It's impossible to tell which Matt Hancock is the real Matt Hancock, though, so maybe they should be rolling out some sort of Blue Tick verification system.

The app itself was built by Disciple, basing it on their previous platform designed to help musicians interact with their fans. The idea is that it won't be Matt Hancock-centric forever, and all MPs will be on the platform to engage with we the people. It's available on Android and iOS.

Update: Unfortunately it seems as though the Matt Hancock app has some serious privacy flaws, which may make you want to hold off on downloading it:

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