Salisbury Would Rather be Associated With Free Parking Than Nerve Agent

By Gary Cutlack on at

The town of Salisbury has been in the news recently for rather unfortunate reasons to do with an international scandal surrounding the apparent poisoning of a spy using a nerve agent, but it's all going to be OK as the council has a plan to make everyone happy to go there again — free parking.

Yes, Wiltshire Council has rubber stamped a scheme to waive the area's parking fees from this weekend, so if you've been thinking about visiting the town centre but have been put off by (a) parking fees and (b) the possibility of remaining nerve agent, at least one obstacle has been removed. Although it's only free for the first three hours. And the forecast isn't great, but then maybe a bit of rain will help wash away and damp down any remaining stray toxins?

Purposefully failing to mention the toxins issue completely, council leader Jane Scott said: "We know that people are rightly concerned about Salisbury, and it is important that we encourage residents and visitors to enjoy our beautiful and historic city and to promote that it is very much business as usual. We recognise that by providing free car parking this will help to increase the number of visitors and shopper footfall in the city centre." [Metro]