OnePlus is Having Some Issues Trying to Trademark 'Dash Charge' in the EU

By Tom Pritchard on at

When it comes to fast charging, there are quite a few competing standards out there vying to get your phone topped up as quickly as possible. OnePlus's Dash Charge is considered one of the best, but the company is having issue trademarking the brand name in the EU. Issues that may force a name change.

According to OnePlus the company's application to trademark the Dash Charge name was rejected by the EU, because both Amazon and Bragi have similar trademarks registered within the EU. A OnePlus spokesperson said:

"Originally designed by OnePlus and submitted to the USPTO and the EUIPO for trademark application in April 2016, ‘Dash Charge’ was first used in conjunction with the release of the OnePlus 3 in June 2016. We used "Dash Charge” for two years until the EU trademark application was rejected in March 2018. This in no way impacts the functionality of the technology itself. Under existing trademark law, registration is not a necessary prerequisite for commercial use, and OnePlus will continue to work towards securing a trademark for our charging technology. We appreciate everyone's patience in the meantime."

Obviously the company made it clear that the technology won't be changing. But the company has stopped using the Dash Charge branding on its website, simply relabelling the components as fast chargers.

Legally there's nothing stopping it from continuing to use the name, which is presumably why the company didn't try and rush a brand change before the launch of the OnePlus 6,but from the sound of things the company has no interest in using a brand it doesn't fully own.

Anyone have any suggestions on what the new name should be? [TechRadar]