The Royal Wedding Will be on YouTube, in Case Sky One, BBC 1, and ITV Weren't Good Enough

By Tom Pritchard on at

There's a thing tomorrow. A big thing lots of people care about, and all the others couldn't care less. That's right, tomorrow is the day of the FA Cup final where Chelsea and Manchester United will go head to head in the hopes of winning a trophy and a year's worth of bragging rights. Oh and some famous people are getting married in Windsor.

Multiple broadcasters are covering that event, giving you, a member of the viewing public, a choice on where you can watch this daft event that causes normal people to lose their mind and spend far too much time partying and going to the pub.

Hold on a second, I forgot which event I'm talking about... Let's just say it's the wedding, because that will annoy fewer people in the long run.

The wedding is being broadcast on Sky One, BBC 1, and ITV, but if none of those really take your fancy there's another option available to you. If you want to watch two people you don't know get married, it'll also be livestreamed on YouTube. Because the fact the BBC says you don't need a TV licence tomorrow isn't enough for some people to actually switch their's on.

The livestream channel is already up with the coverage kicking off tomorrow at 11am. The wedding itself doesn't start until 12pm. So if you don't like televisions, you know where to go. It'll also be available to watch later, in case you sleep through it like I was planning to. Unfortunately I have to go to the post office before they shut. [Ubergizmo]