For Some Reason, TomTom Has Made a New Satnav

By Kim Snaith on at

I thought satnavs were a thing of the past, in this age of mobile phones and Google Maps, but apparently not. TomTom has just announced a brand new device called the TomTom GO Essential. I'm not sure exactly what makes it 'essential', but here we are.

The TomTom Go Essential promises lots of features such as hands-free calling, voice control, built-in Wi-Fi, and compatibility with Siri and Google Now. You know, features that your phone can most likely do just fine by itself. It also comes with "lifetime" updates to European maps and traffic, along with a six-month trial to the speed camera warning service. That "lifetime" updates promise comes with a caveat that isn't really lifetime at all – it's until TomTom stop supporting the device, or until you've not updated it yourself in three years, whichever comes first. And surely TomTom will realise, sooner or later, that most people don't need satnav devices anymore.

But if, for some reason, you do want a dedicated satnav device then I'm sure the GO Essential does a lovely job of directing you around roads and roundabouts. It even comes with a magnetic mount! Your smart phone doesn't come with one of those bad boys! The TomTom GO Essential is set to hit the shelves in mid-October, and will be available in two screen sizes. The 5" model will cost £180, and the 6" model will be £220. Read all about it, and pre-order it on TomTom's website, if you like.