Cornwall Has Greggs Now, and the Locals are Fuming

By Tom Pritchard on at

When you think of Cornwall the one thing that will jump to everyone's mind are the pasties. Maybe pirates and ice cream as well, but mainly the pasties. Cornwall is so famous for its pasties that it got special protections to prevent any kind of pasty from bearing the Cornish name unless it was the genuine article. So you can imagine their horror when Greggs hopped across the county borders and opened up its first branch in the south western county.

Apparently the new branch opened up back in July, just over the border with Devon, and as a way to try and keep the locals happy the bakery chain has opted not to sell beef pasties. You know, because Cornish pasties are clearly going to be better, but their steak bakes can be a little bit inconsistent. It also opened up to zero fanfare, still apparently isn't listed on the company's store locator, and it's hiding away in Saltash service station. No wonder it's taken everyone so long to find out and get annoyed.

A spokesperson for Greggs claimed that there was demand for the chain within Cornwall, with the company noting that the branch is "operated under a franchise agreement with Euro Garages" with eight jobs being created as a result of the opening. Eight jobs isn't a lot, so it kind of tells you something about the size of the place.

The locals don't fully understand why Greggs would bother with the opening, seeing as how Cornwall is full of pasty shops and bakeries that do things the traditional way. It certainly means there's a lot of competition, even if there aren't any bakeries inside Saltash services. There's probably not too much to worry about. A single Greggs hiding inside what was recently declared one of the worst service stations in the country probably won't do much damage to the local pasty economy. But they may face problems if Greggs tries to expand, and they probably know that already. [Devon Live]