Drone Pilot Had a Go at Taking Down a Plane

By Gary Cutlack on at

A drone owner in the vicinity of RAF Northolt very nearly claimed the shameful honour of being the first idiot to make a proper aeroplane crash, with safety investigators agreeing that the movements of the adult baby's flying toy matched with a deliberate attempt to hit a plane as it came in to land.

Fortunately, it only came within 20 metres of its target, despite the drone pilot seemingly making a good effort to come at the plane from below and hit it. Its target was a PA31 light aircraft coming in to land at Northolt last June, with air traffic safety monitor the UK Airprox Board reporting that: "[The pilot] lost sight of it under the nose and looked down at the wing root and identified it as a small white drone of the lightweight hobbyist type, it was about 20 feet below the aircraft as he passed over it."

The PA31 pilot added that he had no doubt the drone's trajectory showed it was a deliberate attempt at a collision, and suspects it was launched from a nearby park. [Sky News]

Image credit: Unsplash