Pub Diners Want Roast Beef Not Scallop Foam and Pea Reduction on a Kale Mattress

By Gary Cutlack on at

The 2019 version of the Good Pub Guide has a warning for any aspiring chef looking to shake things up at the £10.99 end of the market, warning that the diners of the nation are getting a bit bored of eateries offering pretentious foods and noting that we, as a whole, would rather have a lasagne with garlic bread or a steak pie that comes in a nice bowl.

Although it might sound tasty before you've sat down, modern menus are becoming a bit too Masterchef and experimental in their content, the guide editors say, which is putting off potential diners. The guide is not really practising what it preaches, though, as its 2019 Pub of the Year -- the unfortunately named Cock -- has a menu that contains pigeon breast with gingerbread leg, smoked bacon and popcorn, and clam tagliatelle. Not much in the way of chips and pizza there, although Tuesday is at least steak night, they'll probably bollocks that up too by covering it in cheese.

The Pub Guide authors think the population might prefer the local chippy instead, mind, as they say of today's posh menu trend: "We really aren’t interested in eating kabsa, katsuobushi, matbucha, succotash, tataki or verjus in a pub. We don’t want our dishes adorned with carrot fluff, edible sand or fish foam. Leave that to the swanky restaurants. We want good, honest pub grub." [Guardian]

Image credit: Unsplash