A Motorised Kayak For When You're Too Pooped To Paddle

Kayaking and canoeing are supposed to be all about just you and the water. No distractions, no risk of crashing, and definitely no motors. But why limit your range of exploration to your stamina when the Mokai ES-Kape kayak features a hidden electric motor propelling you as far and as long as the battery holds up. Read More >>

The iPad Is Dangerous In Bed

This Taiwanese girl just learned the laws of gravity from her iPad. Not the apps inside the iPad, but the iPad itself. While holding the tablet over her head in bed, she dozed off. That's when decided to deliver his first and second laws directly to her face, in the form of a mouthful of Apple technology. Read More >>

Syrian Dictator Is a Chris Brown Fan

Opposition members in Syria gained access to the personal email account of dictator Bashar Al-Assad, revealing a secret cache of... iTunes receipts? Read More >>

Apple Barred from Beating Kodak's Dead Horse

Apple has been pursuing a patent lawsuit against Kodak over the rights to its LCD screen previews used in its digital cameras, printers and digital picture frames. But with Kodak in Chapter 11, U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Allen Gropper has ordered Apple to back off, putting current lawsuits on hold and blocking any further legal action until Kodak has sorted out its financial issues.. Read More >>


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