How Long You Have to Work Minimum Wage For One Beer, By Country

No matter where in the world you live, you're working for the weekend. How much you can enjoy said weekend, though, varies greatly from country to country. Meet Quartz's Beer Index. It'll make you glad you're not in Georgia. Read More >>

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How Jurassic Park Made Tiny Flesh-Eating Dino Puppets So Scary

There's a lot of CGI deployed in The Lost World: Jurassic Park, and you'd be forgiven for assuming that most of the dino-action was cooked up by a computer. Not so the tiny little compsognathus, a carnivorous chicken-like beast that was cooked up with plastic moulds and fishing line. Read More >>

Flappy Bird is Officially Gone from the App Store

As promised, Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen has removed his torturous app from Apple's App Store. Flappy Bird is gone. It is survived by knockoffs like Clumsy Bird and Happy Poo Flap, and by the nightmares and thumb pain it has caused you these last few weeks. Read More >>

If MySpace Had Facebook's Look Back Video

Facebook's look-back videos are a delightful—if sentimental—look at the last few years of your social media existence. But that's because you've had a great decade! What about the less fortunate? What would, say, MySpace's look back video be? Read More >>

There are 1000x More Ways to Knot a Tie Than We Thought

You've got your Windsor, your half-Windsor, and... well, that's pretty much it, isn't it? Except, of course, for the 168,998 other ways that science has determined it's possible to knot a tie. That's a thousand times more than we previously thought. All it took to figure it out was a repeat viewing of The Matrix Reloaded. Read More >>

Microsoft's New CEO is Cloud Guru Satya Nadella

Satya is a proven leader. He's got strong technical skills and great business insights. He has a remarkable ability to see what's going on in the market, to sense opportunity, and to really understand how we come together at Microsoft to execute against those opportunities in a collaborative way. I have worked closely with Satya for many years and I have seen these skills many times. He is not alone, though. Our Senior Leadership Team has never been stronger, and together this group will drive us forward. Read More >>

Definitive Proof That Apple's App Store Search is the Absolute Worst

One of the most exciting new apps in months began its roll-out last night to Apple's App Store in the US yesterday: Paper, an app that provides a refreshing new Facebook experience. This is an app that, conservatively, hundreds of thousands of people want to download. Even if you can get it in your country already, good luck finding it. Unfortunately, this problem extends far beyond Paper itself. Read More >>

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New Captain America: The Winter Soldier Trailer: Metal Arm Solid

If you had even the faintest doubts that Marvel's follow-up to Captain America would be anything but a series of kickass fights and exploding flying ships, well, be at ease. The new trailer is here, and it looks incredible. Read More >>

The Best Super Bowl Tech Ads, Ranked

Unlike recent years, 2014 saw some Super Bowl ads for tech companies that were actually... good? Inconceivable! We've gathered them all here, in easily processed ranking form. As always, all rankings are totally subjective and legally binding. Read More >>

Apple Increased Mac Sales for the First Time Since 2012

For the first time in two years, Apple has seen an increase in sales of its Mac computers. Not just an increase; a nearly 20 per cent jump over a year ago. That's...kind of nuts? Read More >>

SkyDrive is Now OneDrive, Until Microsoft Gets Sued Again

Microsoft's SkyDrive is a terrific little cloud service that doesn't get as much attention as it deserves. Unless, of course, it's being sued by British Sky Broadcasting Group over its name. But now SkyDrive will be called OneDrive, for just as long as is legally allowable. Read More >>

The Perfect Valentine's Day Card for Our Times

You haven't made Valentine's Day plans yet. That's okay! Who needs 'em? Manufactured holiday, singlehood empowerment, overpriced prix fixe menus. But if you must make a romantic gesture next month, let it be this card. It sums up modern relationships pretty much perfectly. Read More >>

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The Navy Puts All Previous Oculus Rift Uses to Shame

The above is not bonus footage from Battleship. Nor is it promotional material for a fancy video game. What it is, though, is definitive proof that the military will always have way cooler toys than you. Read More >>

Emoji in Real Life are Terrifying (But Could Save a Kid's Life)

What do you get when you apply the kindly, whimsical emoji you know and love to actual human faces? Nightmare fuel for days. But also a very clever ad campaign that aims to stop sexual predators from occupying your child's open tabs. Read More >>

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How to Get 50GB Free Storage Right Now on iOS

As it's done in the past with Android, Box is offering 50GB of free storage for new iPhone and iPad users following its latest iOS redesign. Read More >>

Why Nest is Worth Every Penny to Google

The news today that Google is buying smart thermostat-maker Nest for £1.95 billion seemed slightly unhinged; why overbid for what's still, at present, a niche product? The answer is so simple it's barely worth a shrug: because it can, and because if it didn't, someone else would have. Read More >>


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