J.J. Abrams Goes Full Tinfoil Hat to Avoid Leaking Star Wars Secrets

Trying to avoid a Tarantino moment, J.J. Abrams has revealed the extent of the security measures being used to prevent any kind of leak on the new Star Wars film -- measures you normally only see in a made-for-TV spy movie. Read More >>

Romantic Picnic Goes Astray When (Alleged) IT Consultant/Sheep Molester Turns Up

The classic romantic scene: grassy meadows, songbirds tweeting, sheep munching on grass and...a naked 61-year-old IT consultant trying to get it on? Read More >>

Boris's U-Turn: Flexible Travel Cards to Go on Sale Next Year

Everyone's favourite floppy-haired mayor has promised a three-day travelcard for part-time workers and telecommuters starting in January next year, flip-flopping magnificently from a position he held just a few months ago. Read More >>

This Terrible Photo Might be the First Galaxy S5 Camera Shot

One of the new pasttimes of people with too much time appears to be trawling photo-upload sites, looking at metadata to find photos uploaded from prototype phones. The latest jackpot (if it's not some oh-so-funny internet prankster) would seem to be this incredibly fuzzy photo of a thumb, uploaded to Flipboard, apparently from a Galaxy S5. Read More >>

Wannabe Chinese Space-Tourists Get Thumbs Down From US Government

2014 might be the year when Virgin Galactic finally takes its first £150,000 customers into space, but you're flat out of luck if you hail from China or North Korea -- Uncle Sam's too worried that you might steal the secret to Richard Branson's fabulous hair. Read More >>

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What are Quaaludes, the Drug The Wolf of Wall Street Makes Look So Fun?

If you've watched The Wolf of Wall Street, Leo DiCaprio's sex-and-narcotics-fuelled romp through the rise and fall of a dodgy Wall Street trading firm, you've probably wondered about the magic pills that left Leo crashing helicopters and crawling around his living room: Quaaludes. Read More >>

The 10 Best Free Photoshop Alternatives

There are lots of perfectly good alternatives to Photoshop out there, and you know what? Their makers love us, because they're offering them for free. I love them too. Read More >>

2013 in Patent Wars, and Which Companies Will be a-Trollin' in 2014

Although you probably wouldn't want to sit next to a 'technical patent litigation specialist' at a dinner party, the patent wars of 2013 had almost all the tension and bad acting of an ITV legal drama -- lengthy motions, last-minute filings, down-to-the-wire bans, a corrupt judge or two, and even a last-minute presidential pardon. Read More >>

No-One Will Mistake You For a Tourist With These Tube-Themed Shoes

Nike's branching out from trainers and into the niche market of £100 in-jokes, with a pair of trainers inspired by the classic seat cover pattern from old District line tubes. Hopefully these won't have quite as much gum stuck to them. Read More >>

Three's 4G Launch is Under Way, Slowly

While other networks have been rolling out 4G just as fast as they can unspool the cable, Three's been playing it cool at the back of the class. But according to their Twitter account and TechRadar's sources, a very limited rollout will be starting tomorrow. Read More >>

Man Breaks Out of Prison to Go to Dentist Appointment

Using a 'dental appointment' to miss work is a time-honoured tradition; but escaping jail just so a strange man can poke your mouth with sharp instruments is something really quite special. Read More >>

Would You Use a Male Contraceptive Pill?

Whilst the options for female contraception are almost confusingly many, blokes are stuck with either old faithful, or, in extremis, snipping some pretty vital plumbing. However, scientists in Australia say they're close to the anti-condom-brigade's holy grail: a Pill for guys. Question is, would you bother? Read More >>

HTC Woe: One Mini Banned, and Sales of Just 750k Phones in Last Nine Months Revealed

A long-running court battle between HTC and Nokia has just come to a head, with a judge handing down a verdict this morning that bans the sale of the One Mini effective this Friday. Read More >>

Japanese Man Does a 60-Year-Long Real-Life Trading Places

A hospital mix-up 60 years ago has been uncovered as the source of a real-life Trading Places, with the kid who should have lived in the lap of luxury ending up driving trucks and having to actually work. At least there's a happy ending -- specifically, a juicy 'ole lawsuit. Read More >>

Nintendo 3DS Gets Non-3-D YouTube Support

Nintendo fans are suffering a rollercoaster of emotions: learning that finally the Nintendo 3DS is getting YouTube support; only to be brought crashing down to earth with the news that it's 2-D only. Life's a bummer sometimes. If you can function through the heartache, the app's available in the 3DS's app store. [Engadget] Read More >>

Scientists Baffled: More Alcohol Doesn't Equal Less Crime

In news that will surprise quite literally no-one who's been on a High Street at 4am recently, a new study has 'discovered' the fact that the introduction of 24-hour alcohol licensing in 2005 didn't, *gasp*, lower alcohol-related violence. Read More >>


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