Can Formula E Finally Make the World Pay Attention to Electric Cars?

Electric vehicles (EVs) are coming -- it's inevitable, but people's attitudes are one of its biggest obstacles. This is where Formula E, the FIA's first all-electric racing series, might be able to help. This new series is aimed at changing people's perceptions of EVs, with its first race silently running around the streets of Beijing in September 2014. Read More >>

How Marbles Could Derail an F1 Driver's Race

The Canadian Grand Prix is synonymous with a debris-strewn track, some of it from crashes and other incidents, but the majority of the litter being classed as "marbles." Marbles are what we call the small blobs of rubber thrown from the tyres; usually marking the middle of a race with only the racing line kept clean of the rubber. Read More >>

Monaco Grand Prix: Suspension With Bells On

This weekend, the Formula 1 circus makes it annual trip to the principality of Monaco. It's not news to anounce that this is street circuit; it is in fact the most recognisable track in the world. With the cars dancing between the barriers, it's famed as a track that's demanding on the cars, with the slightest error causing a brush with the armco and immediate retirement from the race. But what's probably less well understood is that as the track is on public roads, the car's suspension has a lot more to cope with. Read More >>

An F1 Driver's Seat: The Pursuit of Racing Perfection

The fortunes of the Mercedes AMG F1 team have revived this year, and with it their infamous driver Michael Schumacher has come back to prominence. At 43 and now in his 19th season, Schumacher is one of the most recognisable faces in F1. He is also known for his perfectionism and attention to detail. Nowhere is this more recognisable than in his cockpit. There, the German driver has things set out quite unlike any other driver and he has some unusual requests. Read More >>

The Watering (and Urination) of F1 Drivers

At this weekend’s Malaysian Grand Prix, the drivers have an extra battle on their hands: dehydration! In the high-tech world of F1 where millions are spent in using the latest technology to develop the fastest car, their response is surprisingly simple. Each car will be equipped with a drinks system for the driver, no more complex than the humble windscreen washer fitted to your road car. Read More >>


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