Here Are a Load More Bits of Plastic to Add to the Landfill

After the initial round of rather eye-watering iPhone 5 network prices, you'll no doubt have guessed that, after the launch of a flagship Apple product, comes a whole deluge of accessories and add-ons, the most common being cases and covers. Here's a quick rundown of the most recent ones arriving on the market. Cue the music, and check out the gallery. Read More >>

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Triggertrap Mobile: Bringing DSLR-Triggering Fun to Your Android Phone

We've covered Triggertrap back when it was in its infancy still, as a budding young Kickerstarter project. Since then, the developers have been hard at it, releasing a iOS app, and now a brand new Android counterpart, bringing all the functionalities of the standalone device, and more. Read More >>

Car Wash Offers 'Free Sex' Loyalty Programme

An unlikely conglomerate, in the shape of a car wash and brothel, ran afoul of the very illegal scheme earlier this month. The firm, based in Kuala Lumpur, was cuffed by police, red-handed, when the rozzers caught wind of the rather, err, questionable loyalty scheme. Read More >>

The World Is Running Out of Bacon

Doom-mongers and, err, analysts, down at the National Pig Association (yes, that's a real organisation), have warned us of an imminent threat to the global pork supply, one of the most delicious consumed meats in the world. But how could the bacon run dry, and why? Read More >>

This Incredible Real Racing 3 Screenshot For the iPhone 5 Looks Better Than the Wii U

Great news iPhone gamers. EA's studio, Firemonkeys, has released an absolutely gorgeous-looking screenshot for its upcoming game, Real Racing 3, which was shown off during the Apple Keynote last night. Read More >>

The Samsung Galaxy S II Is Getting in on the Jelly Bean Fun too

After yesterday's news that the Galaxy S III was getting some buttery action, Samsung Galaxy S II owners must've champing at the bit. Well, not long to go now as Samsung Sweden, via its Facebook page, has announced that a plethora of devices, including the Galaxy S II, are being pegged for November Android 4.1 upgrades -- unless you've, err, rooted already. [Facebook via SammyHub] Read More >>

The Weather Printed on My Toast is Exactly What I Need in the Morning

Have you ever been drenched during your morning commute because you've forgotten to check the weather? If yes is your answer, Nathan Brunstein, may have an ingenious and rather, err, tasty, solution to that typically-British problem. Read More >>

what is
What Is This?

Is it a newly published, real-life Pokemon, or maybe a new character addition to Black Mesa? Maybe it's a new plant discovered in the depths of the Amazonian rainforest? Or perhaps it's just a close up of a flesh eating parasite, or even a living spaceship from Farscape? Read More >>

Samsung's Built a Whole New Fake Apple Store Just to Take the Piss Out of Apple

Another Apple event is almost upon us, and Samsung's up to its usual tricks, again, with yet another, err, hilarious anti-Apple commercial seemingly in the works. The guys over at the Verge managed to grab some photos from the fake Apple Store Samsung's built, complete with aped signage and Mac hardware to boot. Oh those jovial Koreans really know how to rock the boat. Read More >>

Sweden Set to Become the First Cashless Society

The Swedes are well known to be quite the technologically savvy nation, having awesome broadband speeds and one of the highest mobile phone usages in the world. But now the Scandinavian country, looks like it may be the first to scrap cash outright, in fact only 3 per cent of current transactions use it. Read More >>

No Hope for Humanity: Simon Cowell-Branded Headphones Are Real

Yes, you read that correctly; Simon Cowell and Sony have, err, finally teamed up to jump onto the celebrity endorsement bandwagon. Called the MDR-X10, the X-Factor-themed pair of headphones come in red and silver, and will certainly get you noticed. Whether or not that's a good thing is up for debate. Read More >>

Spotify: You Won't Need an App Anymore, Just a Browser

Wondering why Spotify hasn't updated its desktop app? It looks like there's a completely overhauled browser-based version in the works. Along with the move to the web, a cheaper subscription may be a possibility, and sources reckon that there'll be more emphasis on tracking listening habits and discovering new music too. [TechCrunch] Read More >>

Heads Up Linux Gamers -- Steam Beta Imminent

Looks like Valve's cooking up a treat over at HQ, with rumours that a Steam beta for Linux is literally just around the corner. The entry is very sparse at moment, but history tells us that once up on Open Steam Works, it's only a matter of time before it is released. What's next? A Linux SteamBox perhaps? [PC GamesN] Read More >>

Die Laughing Listening to Morgan Freeman Read Fifty Shades of Grey

Ok, so it not really the venerable Morgan Freeman, but Josh Robert Thompson, aka "More Than Freeman", and various voices from the awesome Family Guy and Cleveland Show. But still. It's utterly hilarious, and definitely NSFW, well, the audio is anyway. So, if you've got headphones, whack 'em in and just go for it. [YouTube via BuzzFeed] Read More >>

Half-Baked "007 Spy" Armed With a Potato Gun, Sparks Police Manhunt

Let's be honest, we all tell little white lies to impress our mates, but ex-council worker Nicolas Haynes took it into a whole new league. When given a spy watch from this grandfather, the drunk 27-year-old, started bragging about his heydays as a 007 spy, and his gun, to a group of people -- leading to a police manhunt for a gunman on the lamb. Read More >>

Nokia to Launch Tougher, Ruggedised Lumia 820 Covers too

With the imminent arrival of the Lumia 820, the 920's cheaper little brother, one of the more interesting features was the interchangeable covers: a matte finish back for those who want to wirelessly charge, and glossy one for those who don't. But it doesn't stop there. Apparently, Nokia has some ruggedised versions in the works for us outdoorsy folks too. [Pocket-Lint] Read More >>


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