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Angry Birds Pokes its Way to Facebook

You'd think everyone who wanted to play Angry Birds would have already done so and gorged themselves to near death on its simplistic physics action, but just in case... it's now on Facebook. Same levels to plod through, only now with a mouse and social tools to bother other people with. [Facebook]

Virgin Media Makes its First Ever Profit

By Gary Cutlack on at

Even the amount of money it had to pay Usain Bolt to be in those rubbish adverts hasn't stopped Virgin Media posting its first ever profit, with the media pipe provider managing to end years of UK cable supplier misery and stick £75.9 in the bank this year.

O2 Dumping Phone Chargers as Part of Eco Push

By Gary Cutlack on at

O2 has announced something it's calling the Think Big Blueprint, which is a collection of sustainability boasts that may or may not save carbon and stop the planet exploding for a few more minutes. One of the interesting tangible plans it's putting in to action is a decision to stop issuing chargers with new mobile phones.