Now Even Sous-Vides Have Bloody Smartphone Apps

New kitchen tech buddy Mellow is a bit like a Nest for food, allowing owners to automate the sous-vide slow-cooking process remotely via an app. If you've bothered setting up everything before going out, that is. Read More >>

Nike Could Play a "Significant Part" in Apple's Future iWatch Plans

Days after it emerged that Nike is binning its Fuelband wearable range we've possibly found the reason why, with rumours suggesting the sportswear specialist may be helping Apple's hardware team launch its first wearable later this year. Read More >>

Sky's DVD-in-the-Post Buy & Keep Service is Now Live

Sky's weird Buy & Keep thing is now operational in the UK, letting people who demand instant digital satisfaction yet still want the reflected glory of a physical media collection enjoy the best of both worlds. You buy a film through your Sky box, you watch it right there and then, before a DVD copy turns up in the post a few days later, to use as a coaster or present. [Sky] Read More >>

Google Testing Note-Based Chrome Favourites Upgrade

Code-analysers have discovered a new thing within Chrome, with Google testing a refreshed bookmarking system called either Google Stars or Google Collections. The idea is to jazz up bookmarks by letting users save content, add notes and build up scrapbooks of saved stuff. Read More >>

DIY Drone Footage Captures Glorious Aerial Shots of East London

The less talked about eastern bits of London have been shown off to their best extent by an amateur film-maker, who took a drone to the sky to capture shots of housing estates, barbecuing hipsters, modern developments and more. Turns out there's more to London than those three pubs on Dean Street. Read More >>

Get (Then Slag Off) the New Twitter Layout Right Now

The Twitter layout that everyone hates because it looks like Facebook and you have to hate Facebook even though you're on it all day, is now live. So if you want something to be short-term meaninglessly angry about, follow this link in your desktop browser to initiate the upgrade. Then tweet about how much you hate it. Then forget about it all by elevenses. [Twitter via Techcrunch] Read More >>

Mystery All-Metal "HD" Samsung Galaxy S5 in Testing?

A collection of mystery Samsung mobiles have been spotted on a shipping inventory, seeming to confirm the fact that some newer Galaxy S5 models may be on the way. Including that one with the quad HD display. Read More >>

Rumour: Apple and Google Both Using Sly Tricks to Secure App Store Exclusives

Both of the world's major app shippers are offering key slots in their stores to developers, in return for short windows of exclusivity, it's said. Visible slots equals greater sales and more installs, so everyone's a winner. Apart from us clueless consumers, who are being tricked into thinking some crappy app has to be good if it's on the front page of everything. Read More >>

LG G Watch Arriving in Gold and With a Water Resistant Chassis

LG has released some new stats and images regarding its G Watch wearable, revealing that you'll be able to buy a "champagne gold" model if you must, plus this and the generic black unit will both be water and dust resistant. Ideal if you regularly operate a lathe or work mending boats and need Google to constantly tell you what's on at the cinema. [LG via Droid-Life] Read More >>

virtual reality
Star Trek Voyager Oculus Rift Demo Wows Fully Immersed Fans

Put on your officially licensed Captain Janeway playsuit, there's an amazing new Oculus Rift demo in town. This one recreates the deck of a Voyager-era starship, and, to add even more of a thrill to the immersion, pressing "e" lets you shoot off a photon torpedo. Read More >>

Reddit Removes r/technology From Homepage in Bizarre Internal Mod Battle

Reddit has oddly decided to punish a part of itself, removing the Technology section from its list of default categories that are recommended to everyone. It's a punishment for the section's moderators, who were found to be making life easy for themselves by using keyword filters. Read More >>

Mystery Meat to be Investigated as "Lamb" Curries Return Mixed Results

Tests on a range of takeaway curries in London and Birmingham have found that lamb is often being substituted by and cut with cheaper meats, with 24 out of the 60 lamb curries tested containing chicken, beef and other types of meat as well as lamb. Read More >>

Would You Want to Know Your Death Date?

The government's considering a seemingly quite morbid plan to issue pensioners with an estimated date of death, as part of a shake-up of the pension scheme designed to encourage people to take better care of their finances in old age. Is that horrifying, or would you actually like to know when you're likely to die? Read More >>

Edward Snowden is a "Self-Publicising Narcissist" and is Guilty of Treason, Says Top Tory

The UK's former defence secretary Liam Fox has gone on a bit of a public rampage regarding Edward Snowden's password protected ZIP file of shame, suggesting Ed and his leaks and those who published them are guilty of treason. Read More >>

Here's What Tablets Looked Like in 2001, Courtesy of the Nokia M510

It's probably for the best that tablets didn't really enter the public mindset until a few years ago, as the Nokia M510 Web Tablet from the distant past year of 2001 shows that the technology of the early 2000s wasn't exactly... glamorous. Read More >>

Even "Casual" Marijuana Use Can Knacker Bits of Your Brain

The latest bit of research into smoking things bought off men in car parks and betting shops is in, with medics suggesting that even a once or twice a week dope habit can cause "abnormalities" in memory abilities. Read More >>


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