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Tesla Motors Tech Boss: 'I Might Love Batteries More Than Cars'

Even if its electric cars turn out to be a complete flop, Tesla Motors has an ace up its sleeve: the skills and tech and expertise to corner the world’s high-tech battery market. Tesla’s technology boss knows that, and it turns out he didn’t get into the game just to make cool new vehicles: he wants to change the entire energy landscape.

Australian Design Student Creates an Exoskeleton for Firefighters

As a general rule, firefighters are incredibly fit, but their protective clothing, breathing apparatus and other equipment can tip the scales at a hefty 40kg. Monash University student Ken Chen, who is studying his master’s degree in design, has created a concept for an exoskeleton that helps firefighters carry a heavy load and fight fire effectively at the same time.

What's it Like Using Android on a Flip Phone?

Who else had a flip phone back in the early ’00s? Those were the golden days of the Motorola RAZR, a time when you actually talked on the phone to your friends, and answering and hanging up was the coolest thing ever. But how has the flip form factor evolved with the rise of Android?