Why I'm Kickstarting a Book About Kickstarter, on Kickstarter

Seems to me that it's almost impossible to swing a USB lead without hitting half a dozen people who are working on a Kickstarter project of some sort. Read More >>

Whatever Happened to Accountability In Customer Service?

It is with agonising introspection that I realise that this post makes me sound like one of the grumpy-old-man get-off-my-lawn brigade, but, as they said so eloquently in an ancient Monty Python sketch -- I wish to register a complaint. Read More >>

Missed Deadlines, Lost Wedding Certificates, and Baffling Incompetence: Welcome to the Home Office

Before I say anything else, allow me to be the first to admit that immigration is a sticky topic. The unavoidable truth is that immigration is one of those topics where both extreme views are incorrect. It is, indeed, true that the UK cannot take on an unlimited number of immigrants from all over the world, no matter how well-educated, well-adjusted, and well-prepared they are for life in the UK. The opposite is also true: The UK economy would suffer greatly from not taking in any immigrants at all. Read More >>

This Counter-Paparazzi Tool is Also a Great Lighting Prop

As a photographer, I'm always on the look-out for cool gadgets that can help me put me ahead of my peers. One of the coolest techniques I've employed for many a year, is to use projectors in various ways to spit light onto scenes or models. The classic shot is the 'lit by French Blinds' shot -- but do you really need blinds or, indeed, the Sun anymore? Read More >>

Just Scream to Trigger the Camera

If you came and visited us at the Mini Maker Faire in Elephant and Castle this weekend, you may have experienced me asking you (very nicely, of course), if you wouldn't please come shout at my camera. (I even asked one poor girl whether I could shout at her cupcake. Everybody agreed that this was, without doubt, the worst pick-up line ever). Read More >>

Awesome Photography Projects For the Weekend

Are you bored to tears with taking the same old photos? We all get to that point some times, but there's absolutely no reason to -- there are loads of fun projects you could throw yourself at to open the creative gates and let the juices flow! Proverbially speaking, of course. Read More >>

8 Tips For Better Pics With Your Mobile Phone

Forgive me for stating the obvious: You get much better photos with a camera than without one. So, whilst I would much rather always take photos with an SLR body with a sharp Prime lens, the truth of the matter is that you'll sometimes come across moments where you're just busting to take a photo -- and you may not have a 'real' camera handy. Read More >>

In the Trenches: Fighting Racism Online

Out in the real world, few people would proudly proclaim that they are racists. On the internet, things are different: The anonymity of the online world makes it easier for people to express racist viewpoints and make observations that they might feel too embarrassed to share in the offline world. Read More >>

ISO: the Biggest Change In Photography Over the Past Ten Years

We all know that the triumvirate of exposure are shutter speeds, aperture, and ISO. It's this dastardly trio that operates like security guards to photons, standing there, ear-piece in their ears, saying "Oi, if you're name's not down, you ain't coming in". Read More >>

How to do Timelapse Photography

If you've ever seen the sun come up quickly over the city in CSI, or that fox decomposing in the title credits of True Blood, you've seen timelapse in action. Here's how to do it... Read More >>

How Much Should You Photoshop Your Photography?

Most photographers agree that 'global edits' -- i.e., edits that are applied to your entire photograph at once, such as white-balance corrections; saturation adjustments; black-and-white conversions, and sharpening -- are here to stay. Spot-editing, however -- i.e., edits that are applied to only a small portion of your photo -- tends to be a whole other ball game, with photographers arguing out the ethics day-and-night. There are three general views which you should learn about: Read More >>

How I Invented a Gadget and Made Thousands on Kickstarter

You've probably been there; Late one night in the pub, after a few too many beers, you have a bloody fantastic idea. A revolutionary idea. An idea that's going to change the world. The chances are that come the morning you’ll realise that your beer-addled brain had slightly overstated your own awesomeness, but sometimes (just sometimes!) the spark is there. The sparks of my idea began to fly about five years ago before, eventually, they caught light. Today, I'm waiting for a factory in China to start manufacturing something I invented -- the Triggertrap, an Arduino-based open-source universal camera trigger. Read More >>

Congratulations On Your New Camera. What Now?

If you've been extra super special good over the past year, you might have woken up on Christmas Day with a brand spanking new SLR camera under the Christmas tree. Read More >>

How to White-Balance Your Indoor Photos This Christmas

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? If so, wouldn't it be lovely if your Christmas didn't turn out blue or pink? In this article, Haje Jan Kamps explains why white-balancing your photographs is simply impossible... Read More >>

High-Speed Flash: A Spark of Brilliance

To gadget aficionados, photography is, at its heart, rather low-tech. With the exception of fancy menus and the ability to change ISO without changing the roll of film, the digital age has brought distressingly few innovations to the photography world. Read More >>

film week
The Case Against Film Photography, If You Needed More Proof

It may be Film Week here on Gizmodo UK, but here's Haje's argument against it... Most photographers have made the leap to digital, but there are a few pockets of resistance that stubbornly clutch on to their cellulose-backed ways. Archaeology is a great example. On dig sites all over the country, people are still scratching their heads about threading film and swearing like a docker about why it has to take a week before you get to see whether any of your photos came out. Read More >>


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