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Hardware Gifts for Handy Homeowners

You don't need a shed full of hardware to get things done around the house. Even if your weekend workload looks like a real life episode of This Old House, you probably rely on a fairly small core set of tools. Here are a few items suited for both ends of the spectrum—whether you can build a back deck or barely assemble furniture, these items all make a nice addition to the toolbox. Read More >>

Retromodo: The Landline

Landlines really were great in disasters. When the power went out in north Georgia, as it often did, the one thing you could always rely on was that basic, bare-bones, curly-corded phone hanging on the kitchen wall. How else were we supposed to call the power company to tell them the TV wouldn't turn on? Read More >>

Does a Dryer Really Need Apps?

There's a good old-fashioned knob on the front of Whirlpool's new Duet washer and dryer pair. But there's also a little LCD screen right next to it. The screen helps you digitally dial in the settings, and it includes a "built-in suite of Laundry Apps." Read More >>

lightning review
Black & Decker Gyro Screwdriver Review: Sounds Like a Gimmick; Screws Like a Champ

No kitchen drawer should go without a little power screwdriver; any of the four in our recent test will do. But even those tiny drills were pretty serious workhorses, and for around-the-house tasks like tightening a loose cabinet pull, they're more than you need. Read More >>


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