The Inbetweeners 2 Movie Will Hit UK Cinemas August 6th

Those grotty teenage boys are back in cinemas on August 6th for The Inbetweeners 2, where the plot will reportedly see Simon, James, Blake and Joe...visiting Australia? Let's hope it doesn't involve any quokka soccer. [Facebook] Read More >>

The Best of Giz This Week

The past seven days saw even more shit hit the fan between Russia and Ukraine; BBC3 sadly axed; Paralympian Oscar Pistorius go on trial, plus far too much commentary around Ellen's Oscars selfie (was it a selfie? Really?). It also saw the following most-read stories on Giz UK: Read More >>

A Boeing Plane Carrying 239 People Has Been Missing Since Friday Night (Update)

Extremely worrying news from Asia this weekend, with a Malaysia Airlines Boeing B777-200 plane from Kuala Lumpur vanishing with 239 people on board on Friday, and almost 48 hours later, there's still no trace. Read More >>

David Cameron's Still V. Serious About Ukraine, Even When Responding to Patrick Stewart's Piss-Take

If you cast your mind back to yesterday's big Twitter hoo-ha (yes, before everyone jacked in that tomfoolery for the bitcoin car-chase), you may recall celebrities such as Sir Patrick Stewart took the mick out of David Cameron's very serious call to Obama about the Ukraine crisis, as pictured on his Twitter account for all to be suitably impressed by. The inevitable response came today from Cameron's aides: Read More >>

Giant Cask Wine Sculpture Considered "Art" Down Under

Cottesloe Beach, where I spent many of my summers back in Perth, has been festooned with a, um, sculpture depicting one of Australia's most-loved -- and mocked -- inventions, the cask wine bag. Or "goon juice," if you're from down under. Read More >>

The Best/Worst Things Pizza Hut Has Ever Served Up

The culinary world has been set aflame with The Guardian's food critic Jay Rayner ditching the Michelin-starred restaurants this week, in favour of reviewing Pizza Hut's 2,880-calorie cheeseburger crust pizza, relaunched after a brief stint on our shores last summer. It's not the first time Pizza Hut's disgusted wowed us with bonkers creations, however. I'd suggest not eating your lunch while reading this article. Read More >>

Sony's SmartBand Fitness Tracker on Sale March, With Camera-Equipped Core Concept Also Unveiled

Sony's busily preparing its SWR10 Smartband for a March launch after its CES debut last month, revealing it will cost 99 Euros for a Smartband and motion-tracking Core, with trio-packs of the Smartband available for under 20 Euros in whichever colour you'd like. But, you may want to hold off buying one if a camera-equipped Core concept is anything to go by. Read More >>

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Galaxy S5: A Dull Dull Phone, But What Would You Have Liked Samsung to Launch?

Judging by the mood in the Giz comments and on Twitter, everyone's pretty underwhelmed by the Samsung Galaxy S5. A fingerprint sensor was hardly worth sitting up for when Apple added it to the iPhone 5S, but given Samsung's made a real name for itself with hundreds of (often very innovative) features in its Galaxy line-up, the full roll-call of tonight's specs has seen spectators gagging for more. But for what, exactly? Read More >>

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Where and When You Can Buy the Samsung Galaxy S5

Announced at Mobile World Congress, Samsung's Galaxy S5 may have disappointed in the style stakes with its plastic dimpled back, but with 200m Galaxy S customers out there, there'll be a tonne wanting to upgrade to this year's flagship model. Luckily UK networks Vodafone, Three, Virgin Media and EE have confirmed they'll be stocking the S5 (with the latter promising an April 11th date). Read More >>

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Has a Fingerprint-Scanner Just Like the iPhone 5S

Samsung's latest flagship, the Galaxy S5, was unveiled in Barcelona at MWC tonight in a larger 5.1-inch Super Amoled screen size, but very familiar package -- like Apple with the iPhone 5S, the hardware is almost identical to the Galaxy S4, except for a new matte dimpled back. The biggest change sits on the front, with a fingerprint sensor on the home button acting as an extra layer of security, even authorising PayPal payments within the browser. Read More >>

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WhatsApp is Adding Voice Calling, as Zuckerberg Says $19bn Was a Cheap Buy

If Facebook buying WhatsApp was all that was needed for the messaging service to add voice communication, then so be it -- especially if it's Skype-like. Maybe that's why Mark Zuckerberg believes it's worth over $19bn to Facebook, believing it could be the first service to reach one billion users. Read More >>

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Xbox One Drops Price to £400 With Titanfall Offer

Bad news if you've just bought yourself an Xbox One, as Microsoft's cutting the price by £30 from this Friday. It even includes a special edition-packaging Titanfall (while stocks last), which according to Xbox UK marketing director Harvey Eagle is the reason behind the price-drop, and nothing to do with sales performances. [CVG] Read More >>

HTC Desire 816 Supersizes the One's Design, With Mid-Range Pricing

As HTC very kindly put us out of our curiosity by sending out March 25th invitations for its 2014 flagship unveil, we knew its MWC announcements wouldn't be packing the big punches. But given the company's pinning its hopes on shifting volume via mid-range products this year, the Desire 816 is a decent attempt with its six colour options and obvious One flagship-stylings. Read More >>

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MWC 2014: Phones, Smartwatches and Tablets You Need to See

Every year mobile companies descend on Barcelona -- not for the tapas and sangria, but for Mobile World Congress, the annual show that launches a thousand phones (and miscellaneous phone tat. Oh, the iPhone cases!) Bookmark this page for a run-down of the phones, tablets and smartwatches you should pay attention to -- we won't ask again. Read More >>

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LG's G2 Mini Has Shrunk in Size, While the G Pro 2 Has Grown

The diminutive (in size and raw power) LG G2 Mini was shown off at MWC today after its early reveal last week, alongside the more thrilling G Pro 2 (pictured above), a phablet with an even bigger screen, growing from the 5.5-inches of its original to 5.9-inches with a 1920 x 1080 screen. Read More >>

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windows phone
LG and Lenovo Have Been Signed Up For Windows Phone by Microsoft

Expect to see even more Windows Phones in the wild later this year, now that Microsoft has confirmed several new (or returning) hardware partners. Most interesting for our markets are Lenovo, LG and ZTE, but there are a bunch more for other countries that will be joining existing manufacturers Nokia, HTC, Samsung and Huawei. Read More >>

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