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Wes Anderson is Obsessed With Symmetry

Whether it's Richie Tenenbaum's face or the Fantastic Mr. Fox's tree home, Wes Anderson is obsessed with symmetry. Don't believe it? Just watch this supercut. That's some very, very impressive attention to detail. [FastCo] Read More >>

Graphene Could Give You Predator-Vision Contact Lenses One Day

Imagine a future where your contact lenses gave you Predator vision. One day, it might happen, thanks to graphene. Read More >>

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How to Handle Internet Indecision

The internet is full of choices to to pick from, decisions to navigate and options to eliminate. Sometimes deciding between a roast beef sandwich and a pepperoni pizza is an impossible bind. But this is not an isolated dilemma—the question of what to watch, what to eat, and what to click is indicative of an issue that plagues the whole internet. Read More >>

You Can Now Get 1TB of Google Drive Storage for Just £6 a Month

Google has dramatically cut the price of Google Drive storage—you can now get a whole terabyte for a mere $10 (£6) a month. That's a pretty insane deal. Read More >>

Why the Hell Has a US Court Deemed Upskirt Photos Legal?

In disturbing news, the Massachusetts Supreme Court has ruled that it's totally legal to take upskirt photos on public transport. Provided that the victim is wearing underwear. Read More >>

A NASA Rocket Soars Into an Emerald Aurora

These are photos of a rocket from NASA's GREECE mission blasting off into the beautiful Aurora Borealis over Venetie, Alaska earlier this week. Read More >>

Chromecast-Rivalling Roku Streaming Stick Headed to the UK

This is Roku's brand new streaming stick. It's only £49.99, and it's ready to pop into your HDMI port right out of the box. Read More >>

SurroundWeb: Microsoft's Plan to Cloak Your Living Room With Internet

Your browser is in all your devices. Hell, you can even get it in your watch if you're down with that. And in the Microsoft world, its next destination is your living room wall. Read More >>

Real NASA Pics That Look Like Stills From Gravity

Nope, you're not looking at stills from the Oscar-winning film Gravity. They're all real photos, straight from NASA, and they were all shot in space. Read More >>

Location-Aware Wi-Fi Could Turn Your Phone Into a Beacon of Helpful Functions

Potential buzzkill alert: you're at a concert, and your section runs out of beer. But magically, your phone gets a message that says you should head one section over where there's plenty of Buds to be had. Thanks to a developing Wi-Fi tech that knows exactly where you're sitting, that might soon be a reality. Read More >>

This App Gives You Easy Access to Your Best Reaction GIFs Anytime

There is a perfect GIF for every moment, but spend too much time hunting for it, and the moment is lost. That's why you need GIFwrapped—an iOS app that lets you sync and share your favourite animated GIFs across all your devices. Read More >>

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Booze Exploding at High Speeds Looks Like a Beautiful Brain Scan

These ephemeral pics capture alcohol exploding at high speeds. They look like the mushroom clouds of atomic bombs or scans of the human brain. And to think, these are substances we put in our bodies on a regular basis. Read More >>

This Awesome Next-Generation Exosuit Goes 1,000 Feet Under the Ocean

It's what Tony Stark would wear to go hang out with Namor. Built and designed by Vancouver's Nuytco Research, Ltd., the Exosuit is 6.5 feet tall aluminum alloy rig that weighs more than 530lbs and allows scientists and researchers to research unknown creatures at extreme depths where the pressure is 30 times that of what it is on land. The Exosuit is also fitted with an oxygen system with 50 hours of life support, as well as powerful LED lights for full visibility, and a teardrop-shaped viewport that lets the operator look down to chest-level. Read More >>

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Life of Pi's VFX Team Explain What's Wrong With Their Industry

In 2013, Rhythm 'N Hues Studios won the Oscar for Best Visual Effects for Life of Pi just 11 days after declaring bankruptcy. This is the story of where they—and nearly two dozen other studios that have closed in the last decade—went wrong. Read More >>

Here's What a Solar Flare Looks Like in Different Wavelengths of Light

Yesterday, the sun spewed out an X-class solar flare. It hit its angriest peak just before 8pm last night, and NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory—which is on sun watch 24/7—caught it on camera through six different wavelengths. Read More >>

The Internet Doesn't Mean You Don't Have to Write Thank You Notes

The internet has changed the rules for a lot of things: dating, buying groceries, ordering takeout, etc. to the power of 10. But it hasn't changed basic manners. Meaning, you still have to write thank you notes. Read More >>


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