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Windows 8 on ARM: Everything You Need To Know

By Maximum PC on at

Up until late last week Windows 8 on ARM was a complete mystery. We know the product existed, that it would launch at some point in the future, and it would sport the Metro interface Microsoft has been showing off for almost a year now. The silence on just about everything else had led many to wonder if Microsoft was further behind on the ARM version than they were letting on, but this week they finally opened up the information floodgates.

Seven Ways to Stop Piracy Without DRM

By Maximum PC on at

Piracy's a fact of life. As a defence against having their intellectual properties swiped, cracked and traded online like so many football stickers, a lot of companies have turned to Digital Right Management; a move that seldom does more than temporarily slow pirates and enrage paying customers.

10 Reasons to Root Your Android Device

By Maximum PC on at

If you're a member of the little green army, chances are you've either rooted your phone or tablet, or at the very least have thought about it. If you're one of the latter, it's time to take the plunge. And here are ten good reasons why you should do it today.

Maximum Micro Tech: Three New Technologies Explained

By Maximum PC on at

Some of the biggest breakthroughs in future tech revolve around some of the smallest materials on Earth. Even calling these technologies "micro" is magnitudes of measure larger than their actual tiny sizes. From the nano-scaled heat transfer of Nanowick Cooling down to the single atomic-level of Graphene and Quantum Computing, our white papers will help you wrap your head around the maximum potential of these miniscule technologies.