The Groundbreaking Camera That Captured Man's First Steps on the Moon

On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong became the first man on the moon. This unassuming, metal box was actually the Westinghouse Apollo Lunar Television Camera that broadcasted his fateful first steps to millions of viewers across the world. Read More >>

This Tea Infuser Loves its Job

It's no mystery why the Mr. Tea Infuser looks so happy. You would too if your job was soaking in decadent herbal baths all day. Around £7 this October. [Perpetual Kid via Like Cool] Read More >>

Behold the Super-Efficient Microchip That Can Harvest Power From Heat, Light, and Vibration at the Same Time

You've heard of electronics harvesting electricity from heat, light, and vibration sources individually, but this new chip from MIT is the first that can do all three at the same time. Listen carefully and you'll hear the Energizer bunny quaking in its boots. Read More >>

Would You Buy a £65, Open Source, Android Gaming Console Designed by Yves Behar?

The Ouya is a concept for a completely open sourced and hackable Android game console designed by Yves Behar (the guy who designed the Jambox and OLPC). When it arrives (if ever), £65 will buy you the box, a developer's kit, and all the free games you can play. Read More >>

Making Saltwater Drinkable is Graphene's Latest Miracle

All signs point towards graphene being the supermaterial that pushes humanity into the future we've been dreaming of. From impossibly fast transistors to curing foot odor, there's seemingly no limit to Graphene's potential. Converting saltwater to potable water in the most efficient manner possible is just its latest party trick. Read More >>

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How Many Cameras Does One Astronaut Really Need?

Astronaut Don Pettit doesn't have the name recognition of Ansel Adams, but his work transcends cultures and borders around the globe -- literally. Pettit is the photographer behind the amazing timelapses coming from the ISS and here he is with his cameras. All 10 of them. Read More >>

Become a Knight of the Round Dinner Table With this Chain Mail Apron

Destructive dragons and damsels requiring rescue are a rare sight in modern society, but it's always good to be prepared. This vintage chain mail butcher's apron may not have been forged in the fires of Mordor but it'll do in a pinch. Read More >>

This Wall-Mounted Organiser Is the Key Bowl Replacement of Your Dreams

Having a manservant keep track of your wallet, keys, and phone is about as pampered as it gets. The Butler organiser doesn't wear a three-piece suit, but it's got more style than Jeeves ever did. Read More >>

This Augmented Reality App Is the Final Nail in the QR Code's Hideous Coffin

Just about everyone except for inept marketers can agree that QR codes are terrible and useless. That being said, there's not really a better alternative if you're looking to implement augmented-reality on the cheap. Until now, thanks to Layar's new page-scanning smartphone app. Read More >>

Every iPhone Deserves a Crystal-Powered LEGO-Throne

Redditor GreenLeavesDryHeaves needed somewhere to put his iPhone. What he had was a lot of LEGOs and creativity. One "lazy" weekend was all he needed to create this crystal-powered, minifig-operated work of art. Read More >>

Adobe Finally Decides to Fix its Own Broken Software

Remember when Adobe said the only way to fix a recently discovered Photoshop CS5.5 vulnerability was to upgrade to CS6? Thankfully, they've had a change of heart and are now working on a patch for all affected CS5.X applications. Apparently, the only push Adobe needed to do its job was the rage of the entire internet... [Adobe via Macworld] Read More >>

Roll-Up Bottle Is Big When You Need it, Small When You Don't

The Bübi Bottle may look like a normal plastic water container, but it's actually made from firm, yet supple, silicone. This means you can roll it up when you're done to save space, but we wouldn't suggest reaching for it in a bar brawl. Read More >>

Liquid-Cooled Laptops Can Handle Overclocked Processors Without Overcooking Thighs

Most laptops can barely handle a late-night YouTube session without reaching sperm-scorching temperatures. So if you dabble in over-clocking, you'll be frying eggs in no time. That is unless you've got Asetek's new liquid-cooling system for laptops. Read More >>

Celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Titanic's Sinking by Reliving it Through Twitter

The Titanic sank on April 15th, 1912, and we've been asking questions ever since. Although we now know more or less why she went down, @RealTimeTitanic seeks to show us how it happened from the standpoint of its crew. Read More >>

The Real-Life King Kong Story of the Land Lobster

If you think this island looks like it might be the secret, centuries-old hideout of a gigantic creature, you're absolutely right. Welcome to Ball's Island, the ancient former volcano that's also the home of the land lobster. Read More >>

Travelling in Modern Day China Requires Cold War Era Secret Agent Skills

If Kenneth G. Lieberthal were anything but a China expert at the Brookings institution, his travelling-in-China security procedures would read like the product of a paranoid mind that watched too many spy movies as a kid: Read More >>


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