Samsung Smartphones Outsell Apple, Nokia, Microsoft and BlackBerry Combined

New research into the state of the smartphone market paints Samsung in an even more favourable light, suggesting the Korean giant ships more phones around the world than all of its major competitors combined. Read More >>

Google "Outraged" by Claims NSA Has Hacked Access to its Cloud Servers

Yet more shameful surveillance leaks claim the NSA and our GCHQ have hacked their way into Google and Yahoo's cloud services, with the security agencies said to be able to spy on supposedly secure data sent to users from its data warehouses. Read More >>

Amazon's Smartphone Could Have You Gesture-Waving to its 3D Cameras

You don't have to be a dearstalker-wearing heroin addict to figure out that Amazon has an iPhone-rival in the works. From its growing app ecosystem to its well-received tablet line-up, a smartphone is the missing link in Amazon's arsenal at the moment. And it seems the online retail giant wont be content to just follow the crowd when it comes to interface design. Read More >>

Flying a Drone With the Oculus Rift Looks Absolutely Immense

The Oculus Rift has spawned all sorts of truly amazing and innovative uses, most of them gaming or, well, porn, I'll admit. But controlling drones with the 3D headset has to be the future of warfare, right? Read More >>

Refreshed Nexus 10 Said to Arrive "In the Near Future"

While speaking with journalists after last night's three-pronged Google Android 4.3/Nexus 7/Chromecast spectacular, the company's Sundar Pichai reportedly told people that Samsung's preparing an updated Nexus 10 to sit alongside the new Asus-made Nexus 7. Read More >>

apple tv
Has Apple Just Leaked Apps for the Apple TV?

Earlier we heard how Apple was adding support for a Bluetooth keyboard to the Apple TV, but now it seems Christmas apps are showing up in the Apple TV store too. Is this simply a balls-up by Apple, or a leak of things to come? Is Apple finally going turn the £100 Apple TV into a killer, app-loaded living room console-come-streamer? Read More >>

Galaxy S III Getting Split-Screen Features in Next Update

Samsung has announced its plans for the next update for the Galaxy S III, with the company's Premium Suite upgrade bringing in some Galaxy Note II features to its slightly smaller Android powerhouse. Read More >>

Want to Know Every Juicy Little Thing That's New In Android Jelly Bean?

We already know most of the big new things held within the sweet-tasting Jelly Bean, but often the best bits of these updates are all the little things that finally solve those irritating little niggles that have been severely grating on you for the past year. Well, here's an exhaustive list of everything that's changed, big and small. Read More >>

Samsung Ships Over 6.5 million Galaxy S III Devices in Three Months

Samsung has done pretty well for itself, with the gorgeous Galaxy S III selling like half-price sweets and dishing out around 6.5 million well-designed units to customers over a 3 month period. Read More >>


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