Your Virgin Broadband Struggling With Streaming? Blame Unnamed 'Third-Party Peering Network'

Many customers have found that the promised Usain Bolt-like performance of Virgin broadband has actually been distinctly James Corden-like in the real world. Over the last few weeks, some customers have been complaining that a crippled network has allegedly rendered browsing stalwarts such as streaming 240p video on YouTube an impossible, stuttering mess. Read More >>

Now You Can Turn Your Raspberry Pi Into the Awesome ZX Spectrum

Are you jonesing for some 80's inspired computer fun on the cheap? Look no further than Paul Dunn's ingenious SpecBAS project, which just rolled out full support for the Raspberry Pi -- your pocket mini-marvel just became a ZX Spectrum, well, minus the tapes, of course. Read More >>

No Jelly Bean Dessert for HTC Handsets With 512MB or Less

HTC has announced that its devices packing 512MB or less of RAM will not receive an update to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. That means HTC One V and Desire C owners looking for some buttery goodness are out of luck, sorry. [HTC via Ars Technica] Read More >>

design week
10 Celebrity Designer Gadgets

Thanks to the influence of a certain Cupertino-based company, sleek, well-designed gadgets are becoming the norm -- in fact, we're at a point now when almost all mainstream consumer electronics look eerily similar, amirite Samsung? Read More >>

No 8.9-Inch Kindle Fire HD Love for the UK

Noooooo! It seems that Amazon's top range 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD isn't following the rest of the family to the UK. Read More >>

10 Upcycled Gadgets for Those Who Just Can't Say Goodbye

For most of us, not even a crippled global economy can temper our insatiable thirst for new technology. The noughties school of consumerism dictates that products older than 18 months are automatically obsolete and destined for nothing more than eBay or the landfill. Why not buck the trend and take a nosy at this collection of 10 upcycled gadgets, mercifully snapped from the icy grip of the grim reaper, and reimagined as new products entirely. Read More >>

T.Rex Radiator is Simultaneously The Coolest and Hottest Product Ever

Fancy yourself as the next John Hammond but can’t afford all that expensive prehistoric insect amber? Not to mention the cost of frog DNA these days. Read More >>

E.Tree Found Near Swindon

HOT NEWS IN WILTSHIRE! A 70-year old pensioner called Ken has discovered an effigy of everyone’s favourite extra-terrestrial hiding in a tree Read More >>

Vimeo Embraces Mobile With Android and Windows Phone Apps

Pop-up ad haters of the world rejoice! Vimeo has finally peeked over the garden wall of iOS and cast its seed far and wide, simultaneously rolling out apps for both Android and Windows Phone. Read More >>

Retro Case Mod Elevates Lowly Desktop to Full-Blown Masterpiece

Serial case modder Jeffrey Stephenson has done it again, producing this stunning Art-Deco case mod. The classily-named Aerodyne marries retro with modern by encasing a fanless mini-ITX board in wood and accenting it with slick aluminium details. Read More >>


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