The Best Smartphone Display (It's Not Who You Think)

The Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series of smartphones are flagship products for Samsung to show off its latest and greatest OLED displays and display technology. Samsung provided DisplayMate Technologies with a pre-release production unit of the Galaxy S5 so that we could perform our well known objective and comprehensive display lab tests, measurements, and analysis, explaining the in-depth OLED display performance results for consumers, reviewers, and journalists. Read More >>

From Tablets to TVs: What's Next For Display Tech in 2014

Starting in 2010 when Apple made the retina display and display quality a central theme for their product marketing, displays have moved up from the doldrums into an unprecedented renaissance of new display technologies for smartphones, tablets, TVs, and entirely new classes of products like wearable displays. Read More >>

The Best Windows Tablet Display Doesn't Come From Microsoft

A new generation of Windows tablets has arrived with the launch of the Microsoft Surface 2, their second generation tablet, and the Nokia Lumia 2520, Nokia's first ever tablet. With virtually identical functionality and OS software, it is the quality and performance of their displays that really differentiates the tablets. Read More >>

The Best Small Tablet Display (Hint: It's Not the iPad Mini)

A new generation of mini 7 to 8-inch tablets from three of the major manufacturers has just completed with the belated launch of the Apple iPad mini with retina display. While the Kindle Fire HDX, Nexus 7, and new iPad mini all have improved displays over their previous year counterparts, only one truly stands out—as lagging significantly behind. Read More >>

The Best Large Tablet Display (It's Not the iPad Air)

A new generation of full size flagship tablets has just started with the near simultaneous launch of the Apple iPad Air and Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9. They both have top of the line and state of the art displays that have been significantly improved (in different ways) from the 2012 models. Here's which one's the best. Read More >>

Why Samsung's Curved Smartphone Display Isn't Just Hype

A new generation of curved displays for Smartphones and TVs has just been launched. While there have been curved screens around before, they were actually just flat displays with a curved cover glass on top. This time the displays themselves are actually curved and that makes a significant difference. Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Display: How Much Better is It?

The OLED display on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is the best-performing mobile OLED display to date in every way. But its most impressive achievement? It's the brightest mobile display we've ever tested. Read More >>

The Best Smartphone Display: It's Not Who You Think

With the iPhone  4 Retina Display, Apple pioneered the previous generation of smartphone displays in 2010. This time the pioneers are all Android devices, with the iPhone still not even at the basic HD resolution of 1280x720. But there are rumours of higher resolution and larger Apple smartphones on the way, possibly even in the Phablet size class – we’ll see… Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy S4 Display Shoot-Out: How Does It Compare?

The Samsung Galaxy S smartphones are by far the most popular Android smartphones, and are flagship products for Samsung to show off its latest and greatest OLED display technology. The display on the Galaxy S4 is a major enhancement and improvement over the Galaxy S III — it has a full HD 1920x1080 resolution display with 441ppi. It is also better calibrated, brighter, and bigger. We'll analyse the Galaxy S4 with an in-depth objective series of Lab tests and measurements included below — and size it up next to the competition. Read More >>

microsoft surface
Microsoft Surface Display Shoot-Out: Does It Beat the iPad?

The new Windows tablets, led by Microsoft's Surface, provide a third major family of tablets for consumers and the computing world. The significance and stakes are enormous because tablets are among the most important developments in computing and consumer products in the last 20 years. Like Google's Android tablets, the Windows tablets will be made by many different manufacturers. And just like Google's Nexus, which provides reference designs for the Android product line, Microsoft is producing its own Surface tablets for the Windows product line. Read More >>

iPad mini
iPad Mini Display Shoot Out: How Does It Stack Up?

The iPad mini has finally arrived—Apple's much anticipated response to the incredibly successful 7-inch tablets pioneered by Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and more recently by Google with its Nexus 7. So far they are the only tablets that have made a dent in Apple's near monopoly on tablets. At first Apple declared them too small to be useful, but consumers clearly wanted something more portable than a full size 10-inch tablet, and also a lot less costly. Millions were sold—and that got Apple's attention. Over the past year there have been increasingly credible accounts of a small iPad prototype being developed by Apple, but there was no guarantee that it would turn into an actual product until Apple's official announcement. Read More >>

iphone 5
iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S III: Smartphone Display Technology Shoot-Out

The iPhone 5 has been the most anticipated mobile device of 2012 together with its cousin the iPad Mini, which we expect to be seeing shortly. Apple has made displays their most prominent marketing feature because it determines the quality of the visual experience for everything on a smartphone or tablet—including apps, web content, photos, videos, and its camera. The retina displays on the iPhone 4 and the new iPad were significant advancements—not just in sharpness but in picture quality and colour accuracy, which is what provides the display's real wow factor. Read More >>

Kindle Fire HD vs. Nexus 7: What's the Best 7-inch Tablet Display?

Less than a year after the first generation of smaller tablets gained traction, a second generation of 7-inchers has arrived—the Google Nexus 7 launched in July and the Amazon Kindle Fire HD in September. There are many other manufacturers making small tablets, but these are the only models seeing significant demand. As we'll see, in this short period of time these mini tablets have evolved into first tier products with excellent displays that out perform most full size higher priced tablets. But which is best? Read More >>

16 Misleading Display Specs and What They Really Mean

Most HDTVs, tablets, smartphones, laptops, and monitors prominently list their display as a sales and marketing tool. Unfortunately, many of these specs are misleading, and are misunderstood by both consumers and professionals. This makes it harder to figure out which displays are really better. Below are many of the specs you'll see together with brief explanations that will help you understand what they actually mean. Read More >>

Why Your HDTV Is Already A Retina Display

The term "retina display" is tossed around with increased frequency and decreased meaning. Is there really a strict definition anymore? Screen mega-expert Ray Soneira of DisplayMate points out that the biggest monitor in your house has been retina all along. Read More >>

The Best Tablet Display: Guess Who?

Dr. Raymond Soneira of DisplayMate Technologies separates the best smartphone, tablet, HDTV, and multimedia displays from the worst with his Display Technology Shoot-Out series. So there's no one more qualified to tell you if that new iPad retina lives up to the hype: Read More >>


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